When we initially think of smart buildings, we might imagine being transported into our own personal Black Mirror episode. But the real thing is a lot less big brother-like than we see in dystopian shows. Fascinated by the idea of smart building technology, George decides it would be helpful to integrate some of the latest in smart building tech into The Park of the Future. To that end, George sends Tamara to visit Frontier Communications and Anxiter to learn about fiber optics and smart buildings. After doing their research, George and Tamara decide that these technologies may be helpful for anything from smart parking to fingerprinted storage safes to even tracking popular attractions to help improve the overall park experience.

Though The Park of the Future may wind up being the world’s first smart park, there are several buildings around the world that, similar to Anixter, are using smart technologies to better both building productivity and energy usage:

TWT Show Stories Smart Buildings 3

Capital Tower, Singapore

This 52-story smart building uses a number of technologies to allow it to be more intelligent as well as energy efficient. For example, they have a built-in energy recovery wheel system in their air conditioning unit. According to I Office Corp, this allows cool air to be recovered in order to maintain the chillers’ efficiency. They also use double-glazed windows to minimize heat penetration to the building and devices which monitor both carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels to maintain a healthy air quality. They even have a more visually appealing feature–their sky lobby–which includes a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline.

TWT Show Stories Smart Buildings 2

The Edge, Netherlands

This building uses smartphone compatible technology to optimize employee efficiency. Similarly to technology looked at in this episode of TWT, they can automatically direct employees to open parking spaces, direct them to an open work station, and even learn a specific employee’s preferences for light and temperature. According to Comfy App, it also features the world’s most efficient aquifer thermal energy storage system.

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Burj Khalifa, Dubai

It may be surprising to learn that the world’s tallest building is also one of the world’s leaders in smart building technology. The building managers have implemented several intelligent projects which have improved the air quality as well as the lighting and temperature for its residents. Also similarly to Anixter’s system from this episode of TWT, the Burj Khalifa has a system which uses smart algorithms to identify and anticipate any anomalies in the system or maintenance issues.

TWT Show Stories Smart Buildings 4

Glumac, Shanghai

This is another building which is using its smart technologies to create a more green environment for its employees. They also have an app which allows the employees to interact with the smart building so they can do things like monitor the air quality directly from their phones. The system itself will monitor oxygen levels, humidity, particulate matter measurements, and volatile organic compound levels. Luckily they also have air purification systems and a green wall filled with plants to help better the air.

Though we may have been raised on a healthy diet of Disney’s Smarthouse and countless X-Files episodes, smart buildings (and eventually smart parks) are paving the way for a more efficient, secure, and greener world.